Regional or Global Trade Analysis

Are you requiring Regional/Global trade data or analysis? Use your valuable time to analyse results and let TradeData compile, correct, customise and supply Global Trade Information directly to you. Alternatively if you wish we can also undertake the analysis for you. Compiling trade information globally is a time consuming and complex task with many areas where errors can occur. These can often distort results and subsequent decisions. TradeData can undertake this task at low cost supplying accurate up to date information. This is TradeData’s key competency, TradeData can:

  • Collect and compile trade information – exports or imports for most major countries around the world;
  • Standardise the information – for example, standardise country names, product classifications, currencies, units of quantity and so on;
  • Quality control – we can detect and correct for data errors, changes in classifications over time, changing confidentiality restrictions and so on;
  • Identify and analyse individual market segments within a single product classification.

TradeData information and analyses are useful for:

  • Assessing Market Conditions – size, growth, seasonality, price and quantity relationships, price entry points, etc.;
  • Market Share Analysis;
  • Monitor Competitor Activities by individual market segments;
  • Identifying Potential Export Markets or identify from where competing imports are coming from; and
  • Preparing for Price Negotiations.

Let TradeData take the worry away from these tasks – free your time to analyse the implications for your business. Partner with TradeData to make better business decisions when undertaking Regional/Global Trade Analysis. For further information click here to email us