Other Countries Import Export Statistics

TradeData are International Trade Data experts. TradeData has access to over 100 countries Import and Export Statistics available. TradeData has 20 years’ experience in the supply and analysis of international trade data to clients. Some common issues that arise are:

  • What is the correct HS Classification code for my product and how has this changed over time? Please note: many codes changes occurred with the release of the January 2012 statistics.
  • How accurate is the data? How do I detect and what do I do if there are errors?
  • How do I use and interpret the data?
  • What are confidential data items and can these be overcome?
  • What if there are two or more different products within the one HS classification code, can I analyse these separately?

TradeData has solutions to all of these issues. In fact we have been supplying International Trade Data for hundreds of clients over the last 20 years. For further information click here to email us